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Stone Evans
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TIP: Before you dive in, add this page to your favorites (hold down "ctrl" + D) so you can find your way back anytime you want. Also, click here to send a blank email and receive more information about this proven money making system!

From: Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy
Subject: Helping YOU Make Money Online!

Welcome to the The Home Biz Guy's "Internet Business-in-a-Box"! As soon as you follow the 3 easy steps listed below, I'll personally setup a brand new, fully-loaded e-commerce website (that comes with your own 400 day pre-written email follow-up system) just for YOU absolutely free...

The only thing you need to do is join 5 affiliate programs and provide your own domain name and hosting account... I'll show you exactly how to get these setup in less than 15 minutes. It's very easy!

Before we get started, I want you to know...

Skepticism is healthy and encouraged because there are some dishonest people and scams going around the Internet. Fortunately, these are the exception, not the rule. It's important for you to feel 100% confident about using my service to help you make money online before you sign up today.

That's why I encourage you to research these respected organizations I belong to (iCop™ and Better Internet Bureau™) as part of my commitment to uphold the highest business and ethical standards possible.

Make Money Online - iCop Seal               Make Money Online - Better Internet Bureau™ Seal

Something else you might want to know is that I have significant experience making money online. Here's an example of the kind of checks I receive every 30 days from just one of the many affiliate programs I promote ($17,433.49):

Make Money Online - $17,433.49 Monthly MDI Check
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I'm not showing you this check to brag. But, I do think it's important for you to realize that you're dealing with a straight shooter who has actual results to back up my promises. After all, if YOU are going to make money online yourself, you need to listen and learn from someone who is already doing it successfully.

I also want you to know that I don't use the telephone in my business and I have never talked to friends or family about "getting involved in my program". The system that I've developed is 100% Internet-driven and completely automated.

Even if you have no experience or previous success, you have a better than average chance to make money with this system. If I can do it, you can too...

A few years ago, I was working 14 hours a day at a sandwich shop in Dallas, Texas trying to provide a living for my wife and children. I was in debt up to my eyeballs, my house was falling apart and I had not been on vacation in 8 years!

Then one day I picked up a book called "Multiple Streams of Income" by bestselling author, Robert Allen. In that book, Robert talked about the necessity for people to create multiple streams of income in their lives and outlined many different ways to do it including the stock market, real estate and the Internet.

Immediately, I loved the idea of making money on the Internet... There was just something extremely exciting to me about being able to work from anywhere in the world using nothing more than a computer and an Internet connection. I had no idea how to do it yet, but it sounded fantastic! So I began my journey.

Every night after work and after my wife and children went to sleep, I would get online and explore different ways of using the Internet to make money. There was definitely NO short supply of opportunities... Everywhere I turned, someone was offering me another "proven" way to get rich quick on the Internet.

I Joined Most Of Them, And
Maxed Out My Credit Cards...

In the 2 years that followed, I spent over $10,000.00 racking up credit card debt buying eBooks, membership sites, special reports, opt-in leads, and joining every "guru" recommended business opportunity that flew into my email inbox...

I stayed up learning, working and drinking coffee until 5:00 in the morning month after month filled with the hope of making money online. There were days when I'd come home late from my job, start working on the Internet, and work the entire night without going to sleep — and then go back to work the next day.

I Was Exhausted, But I Was
Beginning To Make Progress...

A few sales were starting to come in every day and I started receiving some commission checks in my mailbox every month for affiliate products that I was promoting online. It wasn't enough to retire on yet, but it proved to me that I was on the right track and that it really is possible to make a living on the Internet!

It didn't happen overnight, but I eventually discovered the real "secrets" required to make money online using just a computer and Internet connection. In my 3rd year of working part-time to build a home based income, I finally broke through and earned over $100,000.00 in just 12 months from the Internet.

It was actually very EASY, but it had taken me a long time (3 years) to figure out how to make it happen. Once I finally figured out how to make money online from home myself, I realized that I could help other people copy my success.

See, I discovered that earning residual income on the Internet is all about duplication. By helping YOU make money online, I can grow my income too. It's actually the perfect business model — I succeed only when YOU make money!

"I Am Earning Over $4000.00 Per Month And Growing Each Month!"

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Jeff Casmer Uses This System To Make Money Online!

— Jeff Casmer
United States

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That's what this website is all about... helping YOU make money online!

When you follow the 3 easy steps listed below, I'll be able to set you up with the exact system I'm using right now to earn a six-figure ($100,000.00+) annual income working part-time, from the comfort and convenience of your own home!

Make Money Online in 3 Easy Steps!Introducing...

Plug-In Profit Site!™

Your Very Own, Fully Loaded, Fully Automated, Ready-To-Take-Orders, "Internet Business-in-a-Box!"

This feature-packed, fully loaded and fully automated e-commerce website is setup for you (for FREE!), uploaded and ready to take orders for you in 24 hours... Guaranteed.

It also comes with your own 400 day pre-written email autoresponder campaign built-in to your website that automatically follows-up with your visitors to make extra sales for you!

And remember, I am personally going to do all this work for you without asking you to pay me a single dime. The only requirement for you to receive my service is to join 5 affiliate programs (you might already be a member of these programs) and provide your own domain name and hosting account. It's that easy!

I'll show you how to get all of this setup in just a few minutes... Want to see what your new website will look like?

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Of course, your entire website will be 100% customizable. So, if you ever want to add new products, re-arrange your website, upload new ebooks, change the color scheme or anything you want, you can do it all freely and easily inside your user-friendly website Control Panel, at any time, 24 hours a day.

It Makes Working With Your
New Website As Easy As 1-2-3!

Even if HTML, Java, PHP and ASP are all foreign languages to you, this Control Panel makes it as easy as just a few mouseclicks! (Want to see how it looks? Click here to see a screenshot of your website Control Panel now.)

And that's just a small tip of the iceberg! Imagine...

  • No need to worry about programming, web or graphic design, scripts, or content and product creation (it's all done and ready for you in a snap!)...

  • All the order processing is handled behind the scenes such as credit card authorization, order fulfillment, product shipping, and customer service issues which are all taken care of for YOU automatically...

  • There's no inventory to keep, no staff to pay, no merchant accounts to set up, and no costly and time-consuming application process to go through...

  • You get a tireless, "salesperson-on-autopilot" website that captures visitors and automatically follows up with them, 24/7, for up to 400 days, plugging your offers and generating huge affiliate commissions for you...

In fact, another powerful feature that comes with your new Plug-In Profit Site™ is an email subscription form, turbocharged by a powerful autoresponder.

That means that your website will automatically capture your visitor's name and email address for you and follow-up automatically with a pre-written, 400 day email marketing campaign that I'll set up for you with your new site for FREE...

... This Proven Email Follow-Up System Is Designed To Make Lots Of Additional Sales For You For Over An Entire Year!

The best part is that YOU get to keep ALL of the subscribers!

Yes, you'll get your very own, fully customized (just for you!), pre-written ezine-in-a-box! This complete, turnkey system that captures your visitors contact info and automatically delivers high quality content and special offers by email, will be setup to earn huge affiliate commissions for you today!

And, whenever you want to make an announcement or test a new product to this red-hot prospect list, you can... Because you OWN the list of subscribers!

That means, you not only keep your list and do what you want with it, but you also don't have to share your list with anyone else (which is important in terms of protecting your subscribers' privacy and building YOUR credibility and income).

"My First Month Pulled In $235.00 From This Newsletter Alone..."

"I had no idea how to publish a successful email publication. The 400 day pre-written newsletter you set up for me is like a hard working employee doing all of the work for me automatically. I'm truly astonished with the power of this incredible tool... My first month pulled in $235.00 from this newsletter alone and has continued to
grow larger by the day!"

Chris Brown Uses This System To Make Money Online!

— Chris Brown
United States

Results are atypical. Your results will vary from those shown.

Here's just a few of the many powerful features that come set up with your profit pulling autoresponder campaign, which will put your brand new website on "steroids" and enable you to make money online almost instantly...

  • 400 days of pre-written profit-pulling follow-ups — you never have to write a word because EVERYTHING is set up for you automatically!

  • Instant, reliable delivery — someone sends you an email or fills out a form on your website, and a reply is sent to them in only 30 seconds! No need to manually send emails or manage your list.

  • Unlimited message length — your reply messages can be as long or as short as you want! You're never limited. (Unlike other autoresponders, which cap the message length and can potentially limit your sales!)

  • Unlimited message changes — change, update or edit your autoresponder whenever you want, 24 hours a day!

  • Password-protected online control panel — gain instant access to a private, easy-to-use, intuitive administration panel from anywhere in the world... As long as you have an Internet connection, you're ready to roll!

  • Powerful personalization features — another prominent feature is easy-to-configure, customizable personalization! Personalization is proven to increase sales. This feature is ready for you immediately, at your fingertips!

  • Smart tracking features — know instantly and precisely, at the click of a mouse, which autoresponder message is pulling the most! (That way, you can easily tweak the weak ones, dump the duds and focus on those that siphon the most cash for you!)

  • Database access — access and manage your database of prospects' email addresses, 24 hours a day, such as adding subscribers, viewing removals, updating messages, etc. (It's YOUR database. You can do what you want!)

  • Powerful mailing list management features — use your mailing list for publishing a newsletter on a regular basis! Or plug-in more offers from other programs or products you're promoting... It's all up to you!

  • Automatically clean your mailing list — maintain your list easily, with hard bounces removed automatically for you! No need to manually update, clean and scrub your mailing list, which can take tons of hours! (Instead, you get more free time to relax and grow your business!)

  • Built-in anti-spam filters — that way, you make sure good messages go through and nobody abuses your responder! The only people who will subscribe will be eager, interested and genuinely qualified prospects!

  • Bullet-proof email delivery mechanism — delivers your mail and gets your message across to your customers, while your competitors get blocked by anti-spam software, blacklists and filters! This will boost your open rate (i.e., people actually seeing your offers) and your profits!

  • Security, reliability and peace of mind — with more than 5 years of experience in maximizing your email marketing, you can rest assured that your list is safe. We have spent over $200,000.00 in our infrastructure to ensure that you can sleep well at night!

  • Toll-free 1-800 telephone and email support — this will solve any problems you may have and answer all of your questions, without having to pay long distance charges or be placed in a huge waiting list.

  • List-builder service — this fills your mailing list with flaming-hot, targeted opt-in subscribers while your autoresponder converts them to paying customers!

... And much, much more. In fact...

See What The "Gurus" Are Saying About The Plug-In Profit Site!™

"If you're looking for an easy, 100% auto-pilot way to make money on the Internet, you should get in on this cash-generating monster!"

— Mike Glaspie

"The Plug-In Profit Site™ IS a proven way to produce online cashflow in the easiest way possible -- with absolutely ZERO experience necessary!"

— Bryan Winters
Push Button Publishing

"It's the simplest, auto-pilot money making system I've seen!"

— Marty Foley

"If you want to get involved with someone who delivers what they promise, Stone Evans is your man."

— Jeff Mulligan

"How Stone came up with this idea, I don't know, but I love these sites so much I've got 2 of them."

— John Colanzi
Confessions Of An Ezine Writer

But don't just take the "gurus" word for it...

... Take A Sneak Peek At The Power Of This Automated, Moneymaking System Yourself!

Click here and subscribe yourself to this powerful 400 day pre-written email marketing campaign so you can see how professional it is. Your newsletter will start out looking exactly the same as this one but it will have YOUR name and product links in it so YOU get to keep all the profits, not anyone else!

Plus, your complete email marketing campaign is 100% customizable too; so you can add messages, re-arrange content, accept paid advertising, etc.

The possibilities for you to make money online are endless!

Everyone knows that you must collect email addresses on your website if you want to make money online. Now, with the The Plug-In Profit Site,™ you can join the pros and cash in on this proven moneymaking technique immediately.

If you love what you've seen so far and you're ready for me to build and install your new money making website right now, simply follow the 3 easy steps below.

Once you do (and it only takes about 15 minutes), I'll get you up and running and ready to start pulling in profits from the comfort of your own home...

... in as little as 24 hours!

Step 1: First, Get Your Products!

In truth, making money online is not any different from making money in the real world. To do it, you need to have in demand, high quality products to sell and an effective method for marketing those products. (This service gives you both!)

Finding top quality products to sell is easy. All you have to do is join a reputable affiliate program and resell other people's products for a profit. As an affiliate, you can make money online every time someone visits your website and clicks on a link to learn more about one of the products.

Here's how it works: When someone visits your website and clicks on a product link, they will be redirected to a new sales page and have the opportunity to purchase the product. Just for providing the link to the product from your site, you will earn a generous commission every time a sale is made.

In fact, all the actual selling, follow-up, product delivery and customer satisfaction issues will be handled for you automatically. Your ONLY job is to promote the website I setup for you (I'll show you how do that... In fact it's really easy!) and cash your checks each month. It really is that simple.

Many people earn a full-time income working from home as an affiliate.

Just to give you an idea of what's possible to earn with Internet affiliate programs, I've posted one of my own SFI (that's an affiliate program) commission statements for you to see by clicking here. $9,112.75 isn't bad for one month...

... In Fact, Many Affiliates Earn OVER $100,000.00 Per Year In This Business!

To make that happen, you absolutely must choose affiliate programs that pay generous commissions for top quality products that are in high demand!

That's why I did all the research and legwork for you. Now your new website will be professionally designed to sell products from 5 of the MOST respected, MOST reliable and highest paying affiliate programs in the world.

These include International moneymaking programs like Empowerism who provides a powerful and proven system to take a one-time $25 investment and turn it into $2,000.00 over and over again! Take a look at some of these testimonials:

Real People, Real Results...

"I'm looking at my commission check from Empowerism and it includes $11,200 from RSVP. And I received it 9 days before they even had to send it out."

— Dave Gray

"I just wanted to share with everyone how wonderful it feels to be able to work from home and receive a nice check every month! ... only yesterday I went to my mailbox and I found a check for $5439.05 ...WOW am I excited or what!"

— Roland Kupsch

"I have $11,525 in commissions, the next time I cycle this will turn into $23,050. The next time I cycle it will turn into $46,100. The next cycle it will turn into $92,200. The next cycle it will turn into $184,400."

— Mujibur Rahman

"I have earned over $2,000 in a little over a month..."

— Gary R. Campbell

"I got paid on the 15th for October commissions. $4400! PLUS $40 FSB. I actually made $4800 and spent $400 on new orders over the month. I am well on my way to $100,000 per year. It CAN be done! I am doing it and YOU CAN TOO!"

— Leann

Click here to read more testimonials...

Results are atypical. Your results will vary from those shown.

With this system, you'll have everything you need to make money! And...

... It Will Cost You Less Than $25 To Join
All 5 Money Making Programs Right Now!

In fact, the only program you need to pay to join is Empowerism. But when you experience how easy it can be to make money online (see testimonials above) with this system, choosing to pay a small enrollment fee is an easy decision. You also get a 100% money-back guarantee so you've got nothing to lose anyway...

Including a "pay to join" program in this system is also my way of weeding out people who are looking for a free ride. If you're afraid to invest money to start your own business, you don't need a business. You need a job. If you want to make money online, you must also be willing to invest in yourself. It's that simple.

Another reason I've included Empowerism in the Plug-In Profit Site is that you get paid every week through company "Fast Start" bonuses! Here's just one of the checks I receive each week from Empowerism (also known as Life, Education and Prosperity, Inc.). This $5,600.00 check is for 7 days of sales:

Make Money Online - $5,600.00 Weekly Empowerism Check
Results are atypical. Your results will vary from those shown.

How would you like to start receiving checks like this every week? Simply follow the remaining steps below and I'll show you exactly how I'm doing it!

"You're Just 10 Minutes Away From Launching 5 Income Streams That Can Pay You Forever!"

NOTE: If you are already an affiliate for one (or all) of these programs, simply use your current ID numbers when completing the Plug-In Profit Site™ application in Step 3 on this page.

Remember, Empowerism is the only program that requires an enrollment fee to get setup (it's also the easiest program to make money with.

Join these 5 programs now... I'll be waiting :) ...

Click here to sign up right now!

(To qualify for my service, you must enroll in Empowerism with the $24.95 "Fast Track" option and select: "Yes, I want Auto-Renewal!".)

SFI Marketing Group
Click here to sign up FREE right now!

Internet Marketing Warriors
Click here to sign up FREE right now!

Traffic Swarm
Click here to sign up FREE right now!

Internet Marketing Center
Click here to sign up FREE right now!

NOTE: If you have problems receiving any of your affiliate ID#'s, try signing up with a different email address (not AOL). You can always register a FREE email address at Yahoo! if necessary. Email me if you experience difficulties with any of the programs above at:

NOTE 2: If you are unable to get one or more of your ID#'s right now, don't sweat it. Just complete Steps 2 and 3 on this page so we can get you up and running. It's not a problem to add your ID#'s later if we need to. The important thing is to get your site setup now and we can tweak it for you later.

The 5 affiliate programs I've listed above are the best of the best at helping average people make money online. I know this from personal experience.

Remember, you've already seen one of my own SFI commission statements and one of my weekly Empowerism checks. These are only two of the powerful residual income programs you'll be using to make money online... In fact, with this proven system, you can receive up to 5 commission checks every month!

After you sign up with all of the affiliate programs above, you will receive 5 confirmation messages with your affiliate ID and password for each account.

Keep them close... You'll need your affiliate ID's to complete Step 3 on this page to get your new online money making system setup for you today!

NOTE: You could stop right here and use your own intelligence along with the resources from the 5 affiliate programs above to start making as much money as you want from the comfort of your own home. However...

If you fail to follow-through on the next 2 steps, you will not benefit from the automated marketing system that I've developed to accelerate your success in this venture. Don't waste time trying to "figure it out" all by yourself.

Continue the process and complete step 2 immediately:

Step 2: Now, Join Host4Profit!

For you to have your own website, you must register a domain name and get hosting for that domain. (Example: is a domain name, but you would NOT be able to use that website if it wasn't hosted somewhere...)

A metaphor for this is the telephone. To call someone on the phone, you must have a telephone and you need to pay for phone SERVICE. Hosting is to a website, what telephone service is to your telephone. You can't do anything without it!

So having your own domain name and website hosting account are the 2 requirements for ANYONE who wants to have their own website on the Internet.

The good news is that you can get both of these right now at Host4Profit. In fact, to limit the number of people using my "Internet Business-in-a-Box", I have decided to build the Plug-In Profit Site™ for Host4Profit customers only.

Just think about this for a minute....

  • Customize a complete website with all of YOUR affiliate links for the bestselling products on the web...
  • Set up your own 400 day pre-written ezine-in-a-box that automatically follows-up with your website visitors to make extra sales for you...
  • Teach you my website marketing secrets that have allowed me to become one of the highest paid affiliate marketers in the world...
  • Provide ongoing support and assistance with your online business...
  • Give you 9 amazing bonus gifts including Bonus #1: Access To the Famous "Internet Marketing Warriors" Site, Bonus #2: Complete Ad Tracking System, Bonus #3: Access to the Warrior Forum, Bonus #4: "30 Days to Success" Marketing Guide, Bonus #5: FREE Plug-In Profit Site™ Affiliate Program Membership, Bonus #6: Web Army Knife, Bonus #7: Over $1,500.00 In FREE Pay-Per-Click Ads, Bonus #8: Money & Power Interview with Allen Says and our very exclusive Bonus #9: Plug-In Profit MEGA Site™ software program which will allow you to instantly add over 75 pages of additional profit pulling content to your website with just a few clicks! (see more details below) These bonuses are worth over $2,000.00, but they are yours free when you sign up today...
  • And provide your complete website and autoresponder installation absolutely FREE! You won't find any deal better than this!!

I'd be nuts to accept applicants from every host on the Internet! In fact, Most people (including my wife) think I'm crazy for doing all of this work for you in the first place, but you know how the saying goes:

"You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

Plus, as soon as you open your hosting account, I will personally give you the following 8 bonuses making it at least 1,000 times easier for you to create your own fortune on the Internet... (These are powerful tools!)

Bonus #1: Access To the Famous
"Internet Marketing Warriors" Site

Access to the Famous Internet Marketing Warriors SiteThis is the only home-based marketing group on the web that has actually helped thousands of people start making money from their homes!

Just a few examples of materials inside the Warrior site that you can download immediately are....

  • Classified Magic
  • E-Book Secrets
  • Maximum Profits In Minimum Time
  • The Master Key System
  • Electronic Publishing 2001
  • Magnetic Sales Letters
  • eBay Secrets
  • Digital Selling Power
  • 63 Killer Marketing Strategies
  • Methods of Marketing Masters Seminar Transcripts
  • The ePublishers Resource Book
  • The Magic Story
  • Seven Steps To Freedom
  • Magic Floppy...

... And thousands more books, articles and reports.

You get over 2,300 pages of content (although, you only need a few of them to start realizing and cashing in on the powerful moneymaking secrets they contain!). A membership to the Internet Warriors site is easily worth hundreds of dollars...

But it's all part of your new website for FREE! In fact, here's what Allen Says, the founder of The Warriors, had to say about Plug-In Profit Site:™

"This is a super quick way to get some checks coming in now."

— Allen Says, The Internet Warriors

Bonus #2: Complete Ad Tracking System

Complete Ad Tracking SystemI found out something years ago that was absolutely amazing. A single change to a link on your site can double, even triple the clicks it gets.

All you have to do to maximize your profit is make every link perform at its maximum. And to do that, you need this powerful tool (retail value: $77.00).

With normal website statistics programs, this is hard to do. Most of them are NOT very accurate.

That's where the Track This Hit software comes in. You simply set up a tracking link for the links on your website that you want to track and test.

You can instantly start tracking up to 1,000 different links, create split-run tests, get daily results sent to you in your email automatically, track hits on affiliate links, classified ads and ezine ads, and much more.

You'll get this incredible tool FREE with your website!

Bonus #3: Access to the Warrior Forum

Access to the Warrior ForumOne of the first secrets to making money online is making the Right Contacts.

The Warrior Forum is an incredible resource, where you get to rub shoulders with likeminded and highly successful marketers.

It will allow you to...

  • Make Partnerships...
  • Discover New, Incredible Ideas...
  • Get Help On ANY Subject...
  • Ask For Site Reviews...
  • Do Joint Ventures...
  • Get New Resources In Minutes...
  • Make Special Offers To Members Only...
  • Get Immediate Solutions To Problems...

... And much much more!

The Warrior Forum has been the secret weapon of many of the "gurus" you read about today. Plus, you'll get immediate access to the members-only Plug-In Profit Site™ support forum to Network With Fellow Members, Share Ideas, Get Your Questions Answered, Make Friends, and much more.

The value of this incredible dual resource is easily $500.00 a year or more. (And you get it for FREE with your new website!)

Bonus #4: 30 Days to Success Marketing Guide

30 Days to Success Marketing GuideAs part of my ongoing commitment to your success, once your new website is ready I give you my personal marketing secrets to start pulling massive profits from the web.

In fact, you get a free copy of my "30 Days To Success" step-by-step, quick-start marketing guide to help you maximize your online profits fast... Guaranteed!

Inside this revealing new book, you'll discover...

  • The best free advertising resources (the ones that actually work!)...
  • How to run an effective pay-per-click advertising campaign and get 65,000 free visitors to your website...
  • How to get thousands of websites to link to yours free and dominate the search engines without spending a dime...
  • The best places to buy solo ezine ads including which ads will help you start earning multiple streams of residual income automatically...
  • How to expand your business and build a great reputation for yourself through forum networking...
  • How to write articles and get hundreds of popular newsletters and websites to publish your work absolutely free (easily worth $1,000's)...

... And much, much more!

This amazing new book sells elsewhere for $39.95, but it's yours absolutely free when you submit your application and get your moneymaking Plug-In Profit Site™ up and running.

Bonus #5: FREE Plug-In Profit Site™ Affiliate Program Membership

Free Enrollment in the Plug-In Profit Site™ Affiliate ProgramThat's right! I'm going to give you the opportunity to make money sending your prospects to the Plug-In Profit Site™ service.

You'll get your very own website just like this one coded with all of your own affiliate IDs for each affiliate program required to get a Plug-In Profit Site™ including Empowerism, SFI, Host4Profit, Traffic Swarm and the Internet Marketing Center...

You can earn 5 streams of residual income simply by sharing the Plug-In Profit Site™ with others. In fact, it's possible to earn over $10,000.00 a month from our affiliate program.

You'll get all the support, training and tools you need to earn a substantial income sharing the Plug-In Profit Site™ with others — including pre-written email ads, classified ads, banner ads, brandable ebooks and a whole lot more!

It's all pre-written, tested and ready for you to profit!

Bonus #6: Web Army Knife

Web Army KnifeDon't even dream of buying the Web Army Knife from their website, because you'll get the complete profit-generating package absolutely FREE with your new Plug-In Profit Site.™

Yes, you'll get every single one of the following amazing sales-boosting tools entirely free so you can add any or all of them to your website with a single click...

  • The Mini Site Machine — churn out HTML code in a flash and other mini-sites without a hitch!
  • The Website Colorer — create eye-popping color combinations for your web site in a split second!
  • The Deadline Generator — integrate a dynamic date into your sales letter that will always read a certain number of days in the future, and boost sales with a sense of urgency!
  • The Magic Word Jumpstarter — lists sales-inducing power words and helps you integrate them into your headlines and sales copy, resulting in more profit for you!
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Brian Garvin Makes Money Online With Host4Profit! Brian Garvin Makes Money Online With Host4Profit! Brian Garvin Makes Money Online With Host4Profit! Brian Garvin Makes Money Online With Host4Profit!

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"Just a short note to express my profound gratitude to Stone for the splendid work done on my website! Being fairly new to this area, I could not ask for a better opportunity to meet such a person. Shooting back answers to a bundle of questions could not have been easy, but somehow he managed to do it. To a 'GREAT GUY with GREAT SKILLS', hats off and KUDOS Stone!"

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