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Creative Canvas Crafts -- Plastic Canvas Patterns: Wall Hangings & Tissue Box Covers

Introducing the "FREE Pattern Program"!

FREE Pattern Program
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Promise to Send Me a Picture of Your Completed Project and I'll GIVE You the Pattern FREE!!!

The "Free Pattern Program"
This “FREE PATTERN PROGRAM” allows you to receive FREE PATTERNS of NEW projects that I have created! There are certain guidelines that must be met in order to participate in this program, but there is NO COST to you for the pattern or for shipping the pattern to you!
In return for receiving a free pattern, you MUST send a picture of the COMPLETED PROJECT and I will then have the rights to use this picture as a representation of my pattern. I am not asking for the completed project itself to be sent to me—ONLY A PICTURE.
Not only that, but you will receive CREDIT for the COMPLETED PROJECT PHOTO on my Web Site under the picture you send me in my LISTINGS!
The FREE PATTERNS will be of NEW PATTERNS that I have created ONLY. Once I have a new pattern created, I will send an email to everyone that has signed up for this PROGRAM and then you will reply to the email, if interested.
ONLY ONE PERSON is able to receive the free pattern – in other words, if I send out a new pattern and five people reply, the FIRST PERSON that replied will be the one that gets the pattern. You can only have one FREE PATTERN to work on at a time.
* If for example, I send out an email for a new pattern and you get that one, then two days later I send out email with another new pattern, you cannot apply for this new one until the first pattern is completed. Now, if by some chance you HAVE COMPLETED the first pattern and I HAVE RECEIVED THE PICTURE – then, YES, you can apply for the new one!
Rules and Guidelines:
* FREE PATTERNS must be completed within TWO WEEKS of receiving them.
* The pattern must be completed before receiving or applying for a new pattern. - Picture of completed project MUST either be mailed (snail mail) or emailed to me within 2 days of completing of project.
* You MUST ALSO provide me with the approximate measurements of the completed project. This information is provided on every listing on my site under the pictures.
* Picture of completed project MUST be taken on a white or neutral color background.
* Picture of completed project MUST have at least 75% of the frame containing the PATTERN and be in FOCUS.
* Picture of completed project MUST include the entire project – nothing can be cut from the picture.
* Pictures of a completed “Tissue Box PatternMUST show 3 sides (front, side, and top) with the tissue showing.
* Any additional guidelines that may be relevant to a specific pattern will be included with the pattern when sent.
* NO substituting different colors on pattern unless you contact me first!

Join The "FREE Pattern Program"!

As long as you agree to the TERMS and CONDITIONS as specified above you will be welcome to participate in this program!

SPECIAL ALERT!!--Due to the overwhelming response to this program, I am forced to currently suspend ANY NEW sign-ups! This is only to be fair to the current members, many of whom, haven't had a chance to participate.

HOWEVER, to those of you who want to sign-up, I have created a "waiting list". I can ONLY create so many new patterns (on which, by the way, I spend MOST of my time) and its only fair that current members have the chance to participate.

With this in mind, you are welcome to sign-up below for the "waiting list"; and, as a SPECIAL BONUS, my fiancee is currently working on a FREE GIFT for you for your patience! (Details of which you will receive after you CONFIRM your membership to this list.)

I'm sorry to have to do this, but I only have so many hours in a day, with order fulfillments, customer service; and especially NEW PATTERN CREATIONS! ;-)

I reserve the right to terminate this PROGRAM at anytime!

All COPYRIGHTS to these PATTERNS are RETAINED by me, Connie Steck, but YOUR COMPLETED PROJECT PHOTO WILL receive CREDIT on this site!

Remember, I will never sell or give your email address or other personal information to anyone EVER, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Waiting List ONLY!